Keep your Applications Always On and Achieve Business Continuity with Stratus ftServer Platforms

In today’s business world, seconds matter. Downtime in critical applications, such as financial transactions, industrial automation and other vital infrastructure, has wide ranging economic, security and legal consequences. For these applications, recovering from a failure, no matter how fast this may be, is simply not an option. This is where an always-on continuously available solution that proactively prevents application downtime and data loss is required.

The solution is an ftServer® platform from Stratus Technologies, which enables you to achieve all these goals and more. In one solution, Stratus’ ftServer provides the highest levels of availability, virtualization and easy maintenance.  It prevents downtime and data loss before it occurs, without a performance hit to your system or applications.  Leveraging the latest Intel processor technology and supporting Windows, Linux and virtualization technology (VMware,Hyper-V and KVM), ftServer’s always-on capabilities are achieved with advanced lockstep technology and real-time management and monitoring. This operationally simple solution is quickly and easily installed and provides operational and maintenance visibility for the utmost protection.  It’s serviced by automatically generated replacement parts ordering eliminating the need for IT intensive resources. Famous for its longevity- giving you the miles you need out of your system – ftServer runs and keeps on running, eliminating the need for frequent technical refreshes.

Key benefits

  • Achieves unmatched business continuity and data integrity by preventing downtime
  • Simplifies operations with easy installation, configuration and management and operational and maintenance visibility
  • Supports standard operating systems (Windows and Linux) working seamlessly with existing system management tools and applications
  • Virtualizes with ease for optimal efficiencies with support for VMware and Hyper-V
  • Accelerates processing speed by improving network I/O latency, bandwidth and message rates
  • Delivers outstanding serviceability with automatic ordering and replacement, hot plug and play, and 24/7 system monitoring – eliminating the need for IT intensive resources
  • Promotes long term value with system longevity, minimizing the need for frequent technical refreshes

Now packaged together for operational simplicity, Stratus’ ftServer with Solarflare’s Flareon™ Ultra dual-port 10G Ethernet SFP+ server adapter and OpenOnload, delivers unmatched message rates over standard Ethernet with low latency, jitter and CPU utilization, enabling the industry’s best performance and scalability for enterprise data center environments.

This iron-clad trio will keep your trading platform always-on and always-processing with the utmost of speed.

What to use where

With three versions of the ftServer to choose from; there’s an ftServer that’s perfect for your environment.  From the data center to the edge of the network, in conventional or virtualized environments, in organizations that want to minimize technical refreshes, ftServer delivers identical levels of continuous availability supported by a 24/7 award-winning worldwide support organization.

Business Continuity, Data Integrity and the Highest Levels of Availability
ftServer 2800 ftServer 4800 ftServer 6800
Affordability for stable, fixed standalone applications Versatility for rapidly growing/evolving applications High Performance for transaction-intensive database applications

Key features

Every aspect of the ftServer — hardware, software and service — is designed to prevent unplanned downtime so you can rest assured that your critical applications are always on. Your organization gains superior continuous availability without the need for failover scripting, repeated test procedures or any extra effort to make applications cluster-aware.

 Icon-Lockstep-Technology Prevent downtime with Lockstep Hardware

Unique to the industry, ftServer mirrored hardware components process the same instructions in “lockstep” – at the same exact time.  In the event of a component malfunction, the mirrored component continues processing without missing a heartbeat.

Icon-Simplified-Configuration Simplify configuration with a Single System View

ftServer provides a “single system view” that presents and manages replicated ftServer components as a single system image. Applications run without modification and only a single copy of software is required. With one system view, installation, configuration and management is simplified.

 Icon-System-Generated-Replacement-Ordering Save time and money with System Generated Replacement Ordering

Hot-swappable customer replacement units (CRUs) are easily replaced, without user intervention or any special tools, while ftServer and your applications continue to run.

 Icon-Flexible-Storage Protect your data with reliable, large capacity, cost effective storage

ftServer provides flexible storage options to meet all your data requirements including redundant internal storage, external ftScalable™ Storage Arrays and industry standard SANs.

 Icon-Automated-Uptime-Layer Remove management complexity and reduce cost with the Automated Monitoring

The Automated Uptime Software Layer™ identifies, manages and takes corrective action on failed components before they impact operations by monitoring more than 500 system components

 Icon Performance Monitoring Ensure continuous availability of business critical applications from one fault-tolerant system

Monitor your business critical infrastructure in a single dashboard and automatically restart applications in the event of an unrecoverable error.

 Icon-Proactive-Availability-Management Get peace of mind with comprehensive, end-to-end, award-winning Proactive Availability Management and Service

Our award winning service with unmatched customer satisfaction has made us the envy of the industry

ftServer works with the following operating environments:

ftServer Series# Windows Linux VMware
2800, 4800, 6800 Windows Server 2012 R2 and 2008 R2 with Hyper-V™ virtualization Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL 7 vSphere 6

One of the benefits of choosing Stratus is product longevity, and for customers who prefer to keep using an earlier model, we continue to support our clients with our exemplary ftServices.

For availability of older products and operating systems, please contact us to more request information.


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