Web Isolation Platform (Menlo Security)

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Safety Through Isolation

Tired of the endless, hopeless struggle to stop every cyberattack? Then stop fighting. The Menlo Isolation Platform doesn’t outsmart cyberattackers. It just keeps them away from you. By executing your employees’ web traffic in our public cloud or your private cloud—and not on their laptops and other endpoints—we can guarantee 100% secure browsing, email, and document downloads, with no degradation in experience.


Menlo Security Isolation Platform

With the Menlo Security Isolation Platform, Menlo has pioneered an approach that cleanly combines web security, email security as well as phishing awareness training into a single cohesive solution. It delivers assured security without compromising the user experience or burdening your IT staff. The diagram below highlights the key components and capabilities of the Menlo Security Isolation Platform.


Adaptive Clientless Rendering™

The Menlo Security Isolation Platform (MSIP) secures web browsing and email applications by preventing malware from being transmitted through these two key attack vectors. Available as a cloud service or on premises in the user’s data center, the MSIP isolates and executes a user’s web session and all active content (e.g. JavaScript, Flash, etc.), whether good or bad, and delivers only safe, malware-free rendered information. So, no active content—including any potential malware—ever leaves the platform, and malware has no path to an endpoint. For perhaps the first time, you don’t have to block legitimate content in the interest of security, and you can feel confident opening up more of the Internet to your users, knowing you’ve eliminated the risk of attack.