Advanced Email Threat Prevention (FireEye)

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Enterprise Network Security

Fully integrated security for every communication channel in your organization

Your business depends on the web, email and file exchange. That’s why over 90% of cyber attacks use those communication channels to infiltrate your organization and gain access to your valuable data or cause damage.1 In an attempt to defend those channels, traditional signature-based security software can generate thousands of alerts each week, over 80% of which are considered false positives—those not worth pursuing, leaving most organizations resource-starved to process even the critical 20%.2

While organizations try to apply expertise and intelligence to deal with the plethora of alerts, the systems are already breached and vulnerable to data loss and vandalism—especially from the evasive attacks of today, including zero-day, blended, and targeted attacks that traditional signature-based solutions fail to detect. A recent FireEye study showed 97% of organizations suffered breaches even though they all had traditional security solutions in place.

The FireEye Enterprise Network Security solution enables you to rapidly detect and respond to today’s evasive threats missed by traditional defenses, across all major threat vectors—network/web, email, and file systems. This integrated intelligence helps you prioritize threats with rich contextual insights, stay informed on the threat landscape and the attackers, and get the most out of your resources and budget by having 24/7 remote monitoring of FireEye appliances.

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