Business Process Digitization & Automation (Flowave)

FloWave a new generation application platform that helps organization to transform their process and application development. Building application & managing process has never been easier.
Managing process is not just associated with IT department alone anymore, with FloWave you can empower your business users to manage process in simple clicks. Connects your line of business team with IT department and bridge legacy gaps in application de-velopment. A common workspace for users to view, track and act on work items while collaborating with team members and other users.
FloWave provides a single platform to centralise all process data and enables users to access work and information anytime, any where.

Why Flowave?

Engage customers – FloWave increases efficiency, saves time and decreases costs in managing processes. You can focus more on your customers and build your business.
Connecting users – In today’s world, productivity is all about collaboration, communication and the ability to access your work anytime, anywhere. FloWave provides seamless collaboration.
Empower users – Gone are the days where IT department are the sole power in developing and managing applications. Savvy business users who understands process can have better control with FloWave automated processes.
Decision making made easier – Access all your current process information in a single window and receive notifications, reminders & alerts in your inbox
Simple Setup – FloWave supports both Cloud and On-premises installation.
Strong Support – We understand everyone needs a helping hand. Our friendly, experienced support team is always at your reach.
Who should use? If you have any of the following scenarios, FloWave is the way to go
 Managing work manually in word/excel
 Difficulty in monitoring work
 Unable to track work item/process history
 Geographically spread business operation
 Gearing towards a paperless environment
 Embarking on ISO standards or other equivalents
 Unable to find a suitable off-the-shelf solution
 In-house application development
 Tired of long development cycle

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